Frequently Asked Questions

How can I tell if my loved one needs home care services?

When people have frequent trips to the hospital or emergency room for falls, wandering, dehydration or a nutritional deficit it’s time to take action. Other signs are leaving the oven or burners on, an untidy house, a disheveled appearance, incontinence and not taking baths. When a loved one cannot remember things like their medications and has emotional changes that is also a warning sign. A change in sleeping patterns can often be linked to a larger medical issue. Observe whether your loved one has new bruises, dexterity issues or chronic pain. It is always best to act in calm waters than to wait for a crisis to occur.

Does Medicare pay for our senior home care services?

No. Harmony Home Care is a private duty home care company that is not covered by Medicare. This is true for all senior home care companies. Our home care services provide caregivers to help you with your activities of daily living such as medication reminders, personal care, fall prevention, nutrition and hydration. You may need our in-home care services for situations such as post-hospital, post-facility and dementia care. Whatever your situation, rest assured that we have the right caregiver to meet your needs. We coordinate with all of the Medicare services in the area.

What services do Medicare agencies provide?

If you qualify, your doctor may prescribe a Medicare agency to provide physical, occupational or speech therapy. They might also cover an RN visit or other intermittent services. There are strict Medicare guidelines and these kinds of services require a physician’s order. It is best to discuss questions about Medicare services with your primary physician.

How does my Long-Term Care Policy work?

Many people have purchased private Long Term Care Insurance to reimburse them for the cost of our kind of services. It is very important that you inform us that you have Long Term Care Insurance before you begin services with us. We need to call your insurance company to pre-qualify your insurance before services begin. Not all Long-Term Care Policies are the same and we want to do everything possible to pre-screen them first before proceeding. No home care company can guarantee that you will be reimbursed by your insurance company but we do our utmost to get our clients paid. Most Long-Term Care policies have a 90-day elimination period which means that the insurance company will not cover the first 90 days of care. We charge you for our services and then Long-Term Care Policy reimbursees you.

Can I get help to pay for home care services?

Yes. There is a state funded Long Term Care Insurance that can help pay for care for low-income seniors. There are also seniors who qualify for VA benefits that may help with the costs of in-home care. It is best to meet with a Care Management Advisor who can help you to identify what solutions are best for your situation. We highly recommend Arizona Care Management Solutions. 928-300-0172 www.azcaremanagement.com to people residing in Sedona, Cottonwood and throughout the Verde Valley.

Are there cancellation fees if I decide to stop service?

No. We do appreciate a 24-hour notice but there are no cancellation fees.

Do you send a lot of different caregivers to my home?

No. Not unless you request a change. At Harmony Home Care we do our utmost to ensure that you have as few caregivers in your home as possible. For example; If you require round the clock care, we send 4 of the same consistent caregivers that work as a team.

Do caregivers work on holidays?

Yes. We charge time and a half for Easter, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve/Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve/New Year’s Day.

Do caregivers provide transportation?

Caregivers are advised to not transport clients in their personal vehicles. If the client authorizes the caregiver to use the client’s vehicle for the client’s errands and needs it is permissible. If the client does not have a vehicle there is transportation available through Verde Valley Caregivers (Volunteers) at 928-204-1238 or MG transportation 928-649-6787. They have wheel chair accessible vans. We set up the transportation for you when there is no vehicle.

Do we provide the caregivers food?

No; caregivers bring their own food.

Is deep housekeeping part of your senior home care services?

No light housekeeping is a routine part of our services but we do not provide deep housecleaning, clean windows, ceiling fans, landscaping or get up on ladders.

Do your caregivers smoke?

Smoking is not permitted in Harmony Home Care homes.

How much do you charge an hour?

It depends upon the kind of care that is required. Please call us at 928-282-1901 and we can gather information to determine what rate that you qualify for. At Harmony Home Care we offer very competitive rates. 

Does Harmony Home Care offer part time care?

No not at this time. We staff 12–24-hour cases. Please call 928-282-1901 and we will refer you to a reputable agency to meet your needs.

What are the benefits in hiring 24/7 caregivers?

When 24 hour is in place you save yourself the stress and worry of handling crisis situations such as falls, trips to the ER, medication errors, house fires, nutritional and hydration deficits and forgetting doctor visits. People thrive and become more independent in time with the help of 24/7 caregivers.

Is there a caregiver shortage in Sedona, Cottonwood and the Verde Valley?

Yes. We pay our caregivers very well and find them the full-time assignments that they are requesting. We treat our caregivers like gold which is why we have a caregiver high retention rate. When we are full, we always refer to an alternative list of providers.

Does Harmony offer split shifts?

No. The Verde Valley is very spread out and most caregivers have to drive a distance to work. They are requesting longer shifts so that they can save on gas.

Do caregivers provide pet care?


How do you screen your caregivers?

The screening process begins with a thorough and complete back ground check. All references are checked. A phone interview is then conducted to determine if they are certified and facility trained. They must have at least 3 years of experience at a facility to ensure that their skills are excellent. The next phase of the interview places emphasis on specialties of practice, Covid-19 tests and vaccinations, competency tests and a personality evaluation. They go through that process and if accepted then attend a complete orientation regarding strict company policies, skills and Harmony Home Care’s standard of care practices and procedures. We also educate on maintaining professional boundaries in the home, such as not bringing personal problems to work and not moving items around in the home.

What can I expect from my caregiver the first day?

Your caregiver will arrive with a complete idea of your needs, plan of care and intake from the office. The office fully prepares the caregiver for their visit.

Can my caregiver give medication?

Yes. your caregiver can do med reminders and pick up your prescriptions.

Does Harmony Home Care provide end of life support?

Yes. We coordinate with the Medicare services that provide end of life care to ensure complete continuity of care.