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One of the most respected home care providers

Home Care is one of Sedona’s Cottonwood and the Verde Valley’s most respected home care providers. Our mission is simple: for three decades we have had an unwavering commitment to treating you with the dignity and respect that you deserve, while providing you with the highest standard of in-home care possible, so you can safely remain in the home that you love.

We’re here for you because we care

We’re here for you because we care, 24 hours a day, including holidays, to respond quickly to your home care needs.

I became interested in wellness and health in 2004 when I was treated for cancer. Combining western and natural medicine has completely restored my health. Although my treatment was challenging, it gave me great insight and empathy. Over the last few years, I’ve helped many friends deal with managing the side effects of cancer treatment, including keeping their hair during chemo.

It is my mission to shine a light on the fact that lifestyle, stress management, and modalities such as massage, proper diet, and exercise can prevent disease before it occurs. I believe that in the future one size fits all medicine will be replaced by care plans focused on prevention rather than on the crisis management of active diseases. Prevention is the best medicine and has only positive side effects. I encourage others to take charge of their own health. It is a less painful and more cost-effective alternative to managing chronic disease and is the logical approach to solving our current health care dilemma.

Sometimes palliative care workers and senior home care providers lose themselves in service to the degree of compromising their health. Through personal experience, I have come to the conclusion that we must take good care of ourselves, first and foremost. On airplanes, they instruct you to put your oxygen mask on first then on your others, the same principle. We cannot fully be present for others if we are not healthy. This is why I encourage Harmony Home Care caregivers to take care of their health. As a result, we give you the excellent care you deserve.

Mary T. Pearson

Mary T. Pearson
Founder of Harmony Home Care

"We’re here for you because we care."