Committed to preventing Covid-19

We are committed to preventing Covid-19 and the Covid Variants in our homes, since Covid began we have not had one single incident of Covid. This is because of the strict protocols we practice both in our homes and in our personal lives. We have not relaxed our policies at all, even when the mask mandate was lifted in our community. We are held to a higher standard both at work and in our personal lives and take it very seriously. We have always monitored carefully the Covid cases in neighboring states and in our community which is why we were fully prepared before Covid directly affected this community.

How we are preventing Covid-19

  • We are up to date on our vaccinations, boosters and flu vaccinations.
  • We have Covid stations set up at the entrance of every home.
  • We take a temperature before caregivers are permitted to enter the home. If it is 99.0 degrees or higher, they are sent home. The standard is 100.4 degrees.
  • The caregivers then sanitize their hands and place their mask on.
  • Once in the home they wear their mask without exception.
  • Caregivers sanitize their hands frequently throughout their shift.
  • Caregivers avoid touching their nose and eyes and practice universal precautions.
  • If a caregiver suspects that they are ill, they stay home and get tested for Covid. They are not permitted to return to work until they provide us with a clear Covid test.
  • Caregivers are tested every two weeks.
  • Every surface is disinfected no less than twice a shift.
  • We do not travel. We avoid groups large or small.
  • Post- vaccination we still wear masks in public places such as grocery stores.
  • We set up tele medicine appointments whenever possible.
  • We encourage family and visitors to do tele visits and face time.
  • If there are visitors in our homes, they follow the above protocol and are encouraged to maintain a distance of 6 feet.
  • We keep a log of every visitor.